APEX - A part of the JS Security Technologies Group

Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery as a service by APEX makes your daily life easier than ever before


Backup your files in secure location and guarantee that it can be recovered
Whatever your industry is, data is the force that drives it. You can’t conduct business, serve customers, or gain insights from data you’ve deleted or sitting in deep cold storage. Today’s business requirements are far too dynamic. You should be able to affordably store and quickly retrieve all your backup data and software whenever circumstances dictate.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage makes your backup data easily accessible while eliminating equipment expenses and providing infinite scalability.
But legacy cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform remain tiered, costly, and complicated. They require you to figure out which assets must be available fast and which can tolerate coming back online more slowly. You then have to slot those assets into the appropriate storage tier. Lower-priced storage tiers take longer to restore, often up to 24 hours in most cases.


A new take on S3

S3 is widely adopted across many business verticals because of its ease of use with our take you also get added Web3 elements to further improve on S3 as well as with multiple security upgrades such as encryption and filesharding you could almost say it's an S4 solution (Secure simple storage service).

It doesn’t end there

Next level of security - by JS Security.
AES-256 Encryption: Powerful encryption engine encrypts every created fileshard before they are distributed to our network helps ensure that your data is not compromised or edited by outsiders.
File Sharding: Every piece of data that you upload to our network is first broken up into smaller pieces and then encrypted and distributed to our network and enabling data to be stored in an efficient and secure way.
Security: APEX grants both the benefit of having a decentralised s3 storage with added file sharding and military-grade encryption that creates a virtual vault for all your data and helps you keep your data secure.