StoneBeach and APEX, New opportunities and possibilities!

We are proud to have our sister subsidiary in the JS Security Technologies group StoneBeach Inc. will be a part of our future plans and developments
June 29, 2022
StoneBeach and APEX, New opportunities and possibilities!

Stonebeach specialises in document and information security and focuses primarily on the Enterprise market. StoneBeach produces flexible and scalable solutions with a long lifespan with high adaptability to suit the clients' long-term, primarily focusing on the Oracle Web Services stack. Together with Stonebeach, JS Security has a vast potential to build a solid and knowledgeable team and have case clients to help evolve our vision and better understand how current enterprise companies think and work.

StoneBeach is a technology partner with Oracle, where they primarily work with document management at various scales using Oracle's products, Oracle Web Center Content (“OWCC”), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (“OCI”), and DocuWare.

StoneBeach has a great deal of knowledge as they have worked with OWCC for over 20 years. 

OWCC is software that targets medium-sized to large companies and aims to integrate these into OCI (Oracle's cloud infrastructure) and enable more optimised workflows and control of user rights. It also provides the option to segment the company to improve information security on all data moved within the company's network.

In addition to OWCC, which primarily focuses on medium-sized to large companies, StoneBeach also offers the product Docuware. DocuWare is similar to OWCC but targets small to medium-sized businesses. Both products automate manual routines and processes to simplify the more digitalised office landscape.

APEX's goal with this cooperation is to successfully help StoneBeach's original clients to integrate into our co-created solution eventually and to further expand the business opportunities for both parties.

With all of these new developments, APEX and StoneBeach are excited to be on this journey towards a decentralised and blockchain-powered future of storage and we hope that you will join us!

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