JS Security technologies' ultra-secure open-source network lays the foundation for APEX to provide cutting-edge security.

With the ultimate goal being to provide a network by the people for the people and for your data to be immutable and secure, JS Security technologies group has with its subsidiaries started developing a fully decentralised and S3 compatible network tailored to suit the need of all sorts of clients.
June 28, 2022
JS Security technologies' ultra-secure open-source network lays the foundation for APEX to provide cutting-edge security.

In short JS security provides the underlying network for all the products and solutions the group offers.

The network itself consists of everything from regular household computers to larger server room computers in a server configuration or any laptop with storage capacity.

The way this works is that we have developed an application to partition your storage and encrypt the data this only requires a network connection to work and it does not drain your network capacity in the slightest, the data is then distributed around the network and you will also receive data from other to store on your pc.

“but won't that make my data accessible if you break the encryption?”

well no because you see firstly, before distributing the data to the network all data is encrypted using the AES-256 standard which is one of the strongest standards out there and secondly we never store whole files on a single node, all files and data go through a “sharding” process before leaving for the network which means all you get are smaller chunks or well bits of data and never the whole picture.

Keeping this in mind we are currently working on a reward system with an attached crypto token for those who contribute to the network in any shape or form whether it is developing new apps for the network or sharing storage space to expand the network.

Moreover, there are more benefits to the network than just all of this JS Security has no insights into what's stored on the network, since we use blockchain technology you need to have a specific key to access your data itself meaning if you lose your key your data will be forever locked on the network with no way of accessing it. So keep your passwords close and safe because we can't help you restore your lost data because we can’t see it.

“Does this mean that I cant restore my lost data at all?”

Well not really only if you lose your account otherwise you can still recover your data because you still have the right cryptographic keys to do so.

So in short and to reiterate don't lose your password or account.

For more information regarding JS security network or APEX check out our websites and Twitter or why not our Telegram using this LINK