Having zero storage costs, and what it means for our customers.

Our decentralised network brings in storage via our node providers in exchange for tokens, what benefits does that bring to the table?
July 18, 2022
Having zero storage costs, and what it means for our customers.

Well for starters having our storage provided by our users means that the use of our token to build that infrastructure makes the cost of said storage non-existent and sure it might depend on how many nodes we bring to the network but imagine this scenario, imagine if everyone shares their leftover storage on their pc.

No matter how much you share you still end up with tens of millions of nodes and if every node transmits just 100GB which is not much in this day and age that is 10 million times 100 which ends up being 1 exabyte, 1000 petabytes och 1 billion gigabytes, that is a lot of data storage space, and then compared to other competitors in this field we provide larger amounts of storage for the same price as the small amount because we do not pay in the same sense for our servers.

that means that the 1.39 SEK/GB or 0.13 USD/GB no matter what amount of storage you need we can provide it at this price, unlike our competitors which see spiking prices at higher amounts of needed storage just because of storage costs adding on to this our competitors do not offer any encryption of files what so ever the offer secure storage in the form of firewalls and other types of security but no encryption.

To summarise we offer a faster network due to decentralization and sharding with more security and encryption. Lastly, we offer it at lower costs meaning that the benefits of APEX are endless as well as the possibilities for the future!

so what are you waiting for! book a demo today or why not follow our Twitter for more updates regarding APEX!