S3 or is it an S4 solution!?

APEX and StoneBeach revolutionise storage adding an extra S for Secure to S3 making it S4. To sum it up it is a Secure Simple Storage Service.
July 11, 2022
S3 or is it an S4 solution!?

Well for starters why S4 over S3?

Well, other s3 solutions are of course secure in their own way but the main issue is that other solutions of this sort are often centralised and large and cumbersome in the way that all data is stored in one large location.

What we do differently is that APEX stores all the data using a decentralised method meaning that we store our data on many different nodes spread across many geographical locations.

Why would we do that? doesn’t that take more time and effort and don’t I have to download all my files separately again then?

Firstly the reason why we choose a decentralised method is to ensure that all your data is secure and tamperproof because in conjunction with all of our security measures such as encryption, sharding and distribution and work together as a unit to make sure that attackers never get full access to all your data which makes the process of making the network work worth it.

And secondly, it actually makes the network faster believe it or not!

Think of it like this, imagine a centralised storage site where all data is stored in one location, well here we are moving large chunks of data of various sizes but often larger chunks of data when you are moving let us say 400GB of data within that infrastructure it puts a lot of strain on the network itself think of trying to fill a bottle using a funnel the funnel can only move so much water at a time after which it starts overflowing. 

What our software does differently is that we take that 400 GB of data and we split it up into very small fragments and then distribute it across our network, think of the funnel again if you pour the water at a lesser rate it will fill up faster because the funnel does not overflow and you can even do other things whilst sending larger amounts of data because with our software you don't overflow the network in the same sense. 

This itself is a positive side effect of our security concept and something we are very proud of! 

To streamline your network today with APEX all you need to do is contact us and we will help you on the road to a faster and more secure network whether it is a private on-premises network or if you want to take part in our network!

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