JS Security accelerates strategies and changes CEO

The JS Security Technologies Groupinc board has decided that after a strategic review of the group and its business interests. That the group’s goal is now to accelerate its new strategies, which has the prerequisite of a permanent CEO.
June 30, 2022
JS Security accelerates strategies and changes CEO
The JS Security board has now decided after a strategic review, to accelerate the work of developing and commercialising JS Security products.

Keeping in line with the decision, the board with initiative from acting CEO Pontus Wilgodt decided that the strategy benefits from a permanent CEO and has since made a deal with Pontus Wilgodt that he as of the fourth of July 2022 relinquishes his position as acting CEO of JS Security and instead fills the role of strategic advisor and board member.

To replace Pontus as CEO the board has selected Pierre Grönberg, One of JS Security's founders and CTO.

“Pontus Wilgodt has made meaningful contributions and efforts for JS Security during his year as acting CEO and has with others in JS security management laid a good foundation for the company’s continual expansion and development,” Per Holmstedt, Board member, JS Security

“JS Security is in an excellent position entering the next phase and accelerating the pace of implementation, Pontus will continue to play an important role in the continued development of JS Security,” Niclas Folkesson, Chairman of the board, JS Security.

Pierre Grönberg has worked with JS Security since the founding of the company in 2019 and has clear ambitions and agendas for the future. Starting off the focus will be on accelerating marketing strategies, sales, and development. This work and new goals will be communicated in JS Security Quarterly reports.

When I started working on what would later become JS Security Technologies Group in 2019, I had a clear vision and goals on how I wanted the company to be managed. I’m a firm believer in transparency and open communication. With me as CEO JS Security will uphold transparency and open communication in all situations. I want to build a strong company for both employees and shareholders. I also want everyone - people, companies, and governments alike, to own their own data. Lastly, I want to contribute to making Sweden a leader in the area of Cyber defence.”  Pierre Grönberg, Founder and new CEO, JS Security

As Pierre Grönberg is Stepping into the role CEO, Bijay Luitel, who has worked with Pierre since the start of JS Security as “Head of Engineering” will fill the role of CTO.

“Bijay is an extremely talented IT Genius, his knowledge of creating, innovating, and delivering advanced technical solutions makes him perfect for the role as CTO, and i feel confident in the fact that Bijay takes over the role of CTO”  Pierre Grönberg, Founder and new CEO, JS Security

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