Building Web3 in a bear market!

With a solid foundation and team, JS Security and APEX are more than up for the task!
July 19, 2022
Building Web3 in a bear market!

Right now the crypto market is still very unstable and fear is overall very high surrounding Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrencies on the market whilst we are seeing surges in smaller altcoins and newer vendors on the market, although right now the recessions are starting to hit every market with increasing inflation and interest rates many might see this as a risk, we choose to see it as an opportunity with our unwavering faith in our solutions and our talented team surrounding all of our work we can still bring you the latest of data storage.

Our product and solutions will solve a lot of issues moving forward from here and with the emphasis on data security coming in first! 

It might seem like there are a lot of competitors in this field but in all actuality most of them if not all of them work in a centralised environment and judging by the recent trends of cyber attacks and leaks keeping to a centralised solution might backfire horrendously for you and/or your enterprise.

Securing your data first priority and putting your trust in a centralised storage model is simply just not safe, safeguard your data today and onboard with JS security and APEX, to join in and become the forefront of data storage and cybersecurity solutions.

Currently we are seeing a rise in crypto  but time will tell how that market will stabilise, but no matter what the outcome is we are ready!

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we hope to see you here in the future.