Blockchain and decentralisation utilised as you have never seen before!

APEX storage takes the blockchain and web3 concept and re-innovates its uses! The blockchain is just not for NFTs and Cryptocurrencies anymore!
June 21, 2022
Blockchain and decentralisation utilised as you have never seen before!

Yeah, you just read that right! we at APEX are proud to bring you our solution and announce that we have created a decentralised storage engine with blockchain elements.

We use a combination of different blockchain functions in combination with other cutting-edge technology to make sure that your data stays secure and non-corruptable, to shortly explain our process the files you have chosen to upload to our network first go through a step we call “file sharding” which shorty is like shredding a file into tiny pieces.

After that process is done we encrypt the every “shard” using the AES-256 standard with our own key also added to the existing standard, the shards are then lastly before they are sent to the network signed with a “smart contract” to make sure you can check the shard version and integrity thus making sure that your data is incorruptible.

Finally, the shards are distributed around our network and we do make sure you can access your files no matter how many nodes are active and that it is only you that can access them, the neat thing about our process is that if one of our nodes would be compromised you get a prompt to restore the shards that have been compromised on another node thus safeguarding your files and making sure that your data is safe from hackers.

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