APEX sign-on

We at APEX are proud to bring you some positive news!
June 20, 2022
APEX sign-on

APEX has signed a new client for a deal with a value of SEK 25 thousand, over a 12-month period starting in August, the deal involves the setup of 10 nodes with a total storage capacity of 5TB, APEX and JS Security’s goal is to expand business with the client during this year.

“My experience right now is that people are becoming more aware and curious about JS Security’s products and services, This brings more business opportunities of all shapes and sizes. Furthermore, we have gotten closer with our clients and have experienced shorter sales cycles in the last weeks. At the same time, we have initiated new marketing campaigns in line with our new powerful “go-to-market strategy”, and now we excitedly await the results” - Pierre Grönberg, Founder and CTO, JS Security and APEX

IMPORTANT Information regarding the release of new clients and orders.

JS Security is a Cyber security company that stores highly sensitive and critical information and thus we classify releasing client and company names as a security risk thus we do not release client names for deals finished. 

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