A Decentralized S3-Compatible File Storage Engine

APEX is our next-generation, S3-compatible file storage engine, that opens the world of a decentralized, encrypted and files sharded networks for the public.

Why APEX is the hottest Decentralised File Storage solution in the Nordics.

Decentralized P2P
Our Decentralized P2P solution offers groundbreaking security against all forms of attack.
Community Based
The network is built for the community and is also powered by it's Node Providers
Military-grade Encryption
All data is encrypted with AES-256 standard both in transit and at rest.
Blockchain Technology
APEX utilises blockchain technology to verify all data within the network.

Decentralized API

A powerful and decentralized API, Dedicated APEX SDK and S3 compatibility with full flexibility.

Kath Hodge
@khodge3 • Sept 2
“What was especially amazing was the breadth of the design. This isn’t just one or two basic pages, it covers all the bases and allows us to launch fully realised websites faster than ever. ✌️”

Automation & Overview

Get a quick overview of what you have stored on the network. It can be anonymized, locked and unlocked based on initial security level needs.
Connor P.
@gitit_2day • Sept 2
Without Stack we would still be managing things the bad old way: wasting time, missing deadlines and finger-pointing. No more! Pivot has saved our business. 💰

Community Based Node Provider

A network of nodes that powers the APEX Network. This gives us the opportunity to build a stable, secure and scalable network.
Jo Howard
@j0howard • Sept 2
“I won’t mince words, Stack is 100% legit. Our workflow has been supercharged by the plethora of design options and the attnetion to detail is seriously next-level. GET INTO IT.”

Decentralized file storage  is 50% cheaper than other leading cloud storage solutions.

80% cheaper than market leaders
We offer up to 80% cheaper solutions than market leaders, even though it's more secure.
50% cheaper than other cloud providers
Our decentralized solution provides more secure file storage at up to half the price of leading cloud providers.
Storage based pricing
You only pay for the amount of storage you use!

Nothing else...
Tailored pricing
We make sure that the solution we offer you is tailored and optimized within your price-range, so you get the most out of APEX.

Get a first hand demonstration of what APEX has to offer and how it will change the way you manage and store your data.

Become a part of the future with our Decentralized S3-Compatible File Storage Engine today!

No costs for egress or API requests - Open data transaction.

Our decentralized solution stores data in multiple locations globally.
With AES-256 Encryption, both at rest and in transit, your data is always secure.
Your data is always available at your fingertips with our built-in redundancy.
Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts keeps your data verified and tamperproof at all times.
Node Provider

APEX is powered by a community of node providers, using our "store-to-earn"-model.

Help expand our network by becoming a Node Provider today and earn rewards.

Integrations gives us super powers. Native solutions fuels the system.

APEX integrates well with many different sorts of applications. Follow the link below to get more information.